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Carolina Sapphire

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The Carolina Sapphire is also commonly known as the Arizona Cypress or the Cypressus Arizona. It is a conical, broadly pyramid shaped coniferous plant. It grows slightly taller and much faster than the Blue ice. The Carolina sapphire cypress can act as a barrier to the wind or a privacy screen to your home compound. The Carolina sapphire cypress tree has a reddish purple bark with a spirally arranged blue-silver leaves which, in a way, look needle like. The Arizona cypress usually matures to a height of around thirty-five to forty-five feet and a width of about ten to fifteen feet.

Carolina Sapphire Spacing

The Carolina Sapphire Cypress grows best in locations which have well-drained and sunny areas. The Arizona sapphire will become much thinner and has a great shade. It should be planted around ten to twelve feet apart from each other in order to allow healthy growth and proper circulation of water and nutrients.

For it to be planted properly, you should dig a hole and fill it with water. You should then check how long the water takes to drain so that you can have proper drainage. If it drains within a few hours, then you have a good drainage and you should that as your planting site. Remove your Sapphire tree from its seeding container and plant it carefully in the hole you have just dug, and you should be careful not to damage the roots. After planting it, you should water it generously and cover it with mulch so that it can retain water for quite some time.

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The Arizona Cypress tree normally is evergreen all throughout the year since its water retention capacity is very high. It normally has deep roots which enable it to dig deep and absorb water even during the dry season. It normally has a thick foliage and a beautiful coloration around it throughout the year. The leaves normally have an aromatic smell if they are crushed.

They are usually trouble free and drought tolerant due to its root quality. After growing the Carolina sapphire, you do not require to take much care of it. You do not need to keep on pruning it each and every time. It has a naturally beautiful growing shrub and does not require much pruning.

To enhance maximum health of the Carolina sapphires, it is highly recommended that you use a good granular fertilizer when planting. Granular fertilizer is best to use since they dissolve easily into the soil. Most granular fertilizers are also high on nutrient content. It is best to fertilize the Arizona cypress during the spring season and a second time during the mid-fall. It is not advisable to use the chemical fertilizers during the hot summers.



The Carolina sapphire tree is an exquisite specimen for those people who want a different and extraordinary kind of a tree. It is mostly used for aesthetic value in homesteads and also barriers against the wind, sound, and dust. It is used as a privacy hedge and a living fence in most places.

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