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We deliver and install Fast Growing Privacy Trees all over the USA, and are happy to help both residential and Commercial clients. One of our most popular evergreen privacy trees is the Cryptomeria. Also known as cryptomeria japonica, Yoshino, Cryptomeria, or Cryptomeria Radicans, this is an excellent hedge plant.

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You can now buy cryptomeria trees near by at a discounted rate. You can order trees online, or can place an order over the phone by contacting us directly. Our current special includes cryptomeria in a 15 gallon container which average 4 to 5 ft in height. Our tree farms offer tree sales to both residential and commercial customers. If you are needing cryptomerias larger than a 3 gallon, 7 gal. or 15 gallon container size, consider using our field grown trees. Larger cryptomeria are available upon request in b&b containers. Tree prices will depend on the height and location of service.

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Cryptomeria Spacing

If you are looking for large evergreen privacy trees, consider using Yoshino Cryptomeria trees in ball and burlap. These field-grown privacy trees give instant privacy and are very full at installation. Cryptomeria work good as a back drop tree in any landscape. There dark green color are great for a visual barrier. With a conical shape, cryptomeria trees can grow tall and broad with the proper conditions. Always plant privacy trees in an area where they can fully mature and thrive.


Cryptomerias are larger growing privacy trees. You can expect 3 to 4 ft of growth per year with the Yoshino cryptomeria. These trees can grow in a wide range of environments. They can also tolerate semi shade and clay  soil. Consider planting other types of evergreen privacy trees, if you think cryptomeria japonica is not compatible with your landscaping.

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