The Cryptomeria Japonica is commonly known as the Japanese Cedar or simply the Cryptomeria. It is a slender, pyramid shaped, coniferous, and evergreen with a horizontal branching. It grows mostly in the Japanese and Chinese forests as a single trumped tree. It can grow up to a hundred and fifty feet tall. In Japan, it represents a holistic symbol and is grown in temples and shrines. In other places where the Cryptomeria is grown, it grows up to fifty feet tall. It is much smaller than its counterparts in Asia.

It has a densely packed, emerald green foliage that is soft and more on the wispy side rather than most trees of the coniferous family which typically have spiked and stiff flora. You can plant the Cryptomeria tree near a deck or patio, and it will have a flowing foliage. It has a beautiful ripple effect when the wind blows against it.

The Cryptomeria Radicans are beautiful to look at, but beneath their beauty, they are tough and can adapt to a variety of soils and hard conditions. Regardless of where it is growing, once it is established, it is drought resistant. It is also disease resistant and practically thrives on neglect. Once you plant the tree, it does not require a lot of attention. You just have to let it be, and it will grow naturally with its remarkable qualities. The best condition to grow the Japanese Cryptomeria is moist, rich, fertile, acidic, well-drained soils and in the full sun.

In its natural habitat, the Cryptomeria Japonica is used as a timber tree. It grows to great heights, and this makes it a perfect and prized timber tree. The compact and dwarf cultivators are commonly sold in commerce.

Characteristic of the Cryptomeria Japonica

  1. Evergreen- the Cryptomeria Yoshino is evergreen throughout the year. It is quite drought resistant, and it retains water for quite a long time, therefore even during the dry season the Cryptomeria will never dry up.
  2. Its foliage turns a rich, bronzy-purple adding winter interest to the landscape. It is great when it is used as a privacy screen.
  3. It grows to a compact size and it can be grown as a fence. It will act as a barrier and vision within the barricaded area will be restricted.
  4. It has a medium growth rate; it grows at around three to four feet per year. It matures to heights of around 35-45 feet with an approximate spread of under 20 feet. It has a graceful and elegant figure, tall, slender and a tapering point.

The Cryptomeria Yoshino is a beautiful tree which is grown for its aesthetic value. It is better used as fence or hedge in most homes, and the result is astounding. It has a beautiful rippling of its leaves when the wind is blowing against it. It survives in different tough conditions, and the Cryptomeria adapts to the conditions. These attributes make the tree a fitting backdrop for lower growing shrubs.

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