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Deodar Cedar

Deodar Cedar Tree Farm

The Deodar Cedar also known as the Cedrus Deodara is a wonderful addition to any landscape. It has long branches, with unique green foliage. Deodar Cedars are a type of decorative evergreen tree.

Deodar Cedar Growth Rate

Deodar cedar trees grow into a loose pyramid shape, with 2-inch long needle like leaves. The branches extend almost horizontally, angling slightly down, and the tips rise slightly. The leaves / needles of the deodar cedar are a silvery-green, making it a very attractive and popular ornamental evergreen. A Deodar cedar tree can grow up to 40-50 feet tall with a spread of 15 to twenty feet wide. Contact Us for wholesale pricing of Deodar Cedar Trees.


How to Plant Deodar Cedar Trees

Deodar cedar trees are drought tolerant, and can live in a many different regions. Always add a topsoil or soil conditioner to recently planted trees. This will help keep the soil loose, so the new tree roots can properly establish. Deodar Cedar Trees look good as a centerpiece tree, or in odd numbers. Due to their growth pattern, no tree is like another. This type of conifer is best planted in the back of flower beds because of its size. Be sure to plant smaller shrubs and flowers in front, so that they will not get crowded out.

Deodar Cedar Tree Prices

Much like other landscaping trees, the price of each tree is reflected in the size of the root ball and the height. Our tree nursery has deodar cedars starting at a 15 gallon container size, all the way up to 16 feet tall b&b. Fifteen gallon cedar trees are generally 6 to 7 feet tall. Twelve foot tall evergreen trees generally have a 32 to 36 inch root ball. Larger trees in the 14 to 16 ft. range will require a much larger b&b container such as a 44 inch and can weight as much as 2,000 lbs. each. We will do our best to offer you the absolute best price on all types of landscaping trees.



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