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Privacy Trees

Fast Growing Privacy Trees

If you are looking for a little privacy from your neighbors, or you want to block unwanted noise or the wind from yourself or home, then you should plant a natural privacy fence. Fast Growing Privacy trees help you shield yourself from all unwanted disturbances. All privacy trees contribute to improving the value of your property and even benefit the natural environment. If you have any questions, or need Pricing.

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Listed below are a few Types of Fast Growing Privacy Trees:

  1. Carolina Sapphire – fast growing, Disease resistant and they grow up to four feet in one year.
  2. Thuja Green Giant– grows up to five feet annually, good for narrow areas, that need height.
  3. Italian Cypress- Narrow and elegant look, uniform, and drought tolerant.
  4. Nellie Stevens Holly- fast growing, grows almost everywhere and all year privacy.
  5. Leyland Cypress– large sizes available and fast growth.
  6. Emerald Green Arborvitae- evergreen and grows anywhere.
  7. America Holly- fast growth, grows anywhere and dense evergreen privacy.
  8. Eastern Red Cedar- drought tolerant and dense hedge
  9. Cryptomeria – Also known as a Japanese Cedar Tree, Yoshino Cryptomeria, or Cryptomeria Radicans.

Fast Growing Trees for Privacy

  • Most evergreen trees grow 2-3 ft. every year until they fully mature, their first growth rate makes suitable to use as a hedge since they can be trimmed to the desired height.
  • Many types of privacy trees do not require pruning each and every time since they grow uniformly, but they can be sheared if the need arises.
  • The Best Privacy trees are disease and insect resistant. Therefore, they do not require regular spraying for serious diseases or pest problems.
  • Most trees used for privacy are bushy, they also have tiny glossy green leaves which are firmly packed in overlapping rows.
  • Evergreen trees for privacy are resistant to wind and also withstands heavy ice, this makes them an excellent choice for a fast growing windbreaker.
  • They mostly grow in a pyramid shape.

Privacy Fence Trees

All types of Evergreen privacy trees offer screening to your landscaping. Most evergreens are perfect for making a privacy hedge. Privacy trees spacing depends on the area you are covering as well as the grown characteristics of the tree. Be sure to space your privacy trees and shrubs properly. Evergreen trees spacing ranges from six to ten feet apart so that it can create an natural fence.  With dense foliage, evergreen color, and a fast growth rate, Privacy Trees are the best type of landscaping tree to create a living fence.

How to Plant a Tree

Planting trees is not an exact science, but does require proper preparation and installation. In order for Privacy Trees to grow properly, you should avoid poorly drained and wet soiled areas. Most evergreens do not like a lot of water.

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