Shade Trees

Shade Trees

Shade trees are trees which are specifically grown for their shade. Most of these shade trees are large trees with a spreading canopy. Shade trees enhance the privacy of a garden or homestead by obstructing the view of other people. Shade trees normally have a fast growth rate and leafy. These characters enable them to provide shade abundantly. Examples of a few shade trees and their brief descriptions are;

  1. Hybrid Poplar – One of the most recommended fast growing shade trees is the hybrid poplar, which can grow up to 8 feet per year, and mature at about 40′ to 50′ high. There are various and different types of hybrid poplars.
  2. Nuttall Oak – This fast growing shade tree, also called red oak or pin oak, is said to be the fastest growing variety of oak, and can provide not only a leafy canopy, but a steady supply of acorns each year, which are devoured by squirrels, deer, and turkeys.
  3. Northern Catalpa – The large, showy flowers of the catalpa, also known as the cigar tree or the Catawba, are an added attraction to having this fast growing shade tree in your yard (and ideal for bees), but the real magic comes from its thick canopy of large leaves.
  4. Red Maple – Along with casting shade, the red maple also adds a burst of color in the fall, with the leaves turning a vibrant red before dropping. The growth rate of the red maple is about 3 to 5 feet per year, topping out at about 40′ high, and based on the pictures from this grower; it can rapidly create privacy and shade for your home or yard.
  5. Weeping Willow – This iconic shade tree also happens to be a fast grower, with growth rates of anywhere from 3 feet to 8 feet per year. While weeping willows will grow especially well near water, there are a variety of hybrids available that can be better suited to drier conditions.
  6. Paper Birch – The paper birch, aside from being a fast growing shade tree, also features a white bark that can add to the look of any yard, especially in winter when the leaves have dropped. Birches can also be tapped for their sap, which can be made into birch syrup (although you’d need quite a few trees to make it worth your while).
  7. American Sycamore – This fast growing tree, sometimes referred to as the American plane tree, also has a whitish mottled bark, and can grow to be quite large. While Sycamores are often found near rivers and ponds, they can also be grown in an urban yard and may grow as much as 6 feet per year and reach heights of 70 feet or more.

Those are some of the popular shade trees. The good thing about shade trees is that they are multi-purpose. They will play the role of shade and privacy trees. Shade trees are mostly popular in hotels or outdoor resorts for their natural and beautiful shade. Shade trees are capable of maintaining their shade throughout the year since they are drought tolerant.

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