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Leyland Cypress Trees


Leyland cypress trees are one of the more common privacy trees used throughout the United States. These Evergreen privacy trees have a very dark green foliage, and are very dense. Leyland cypress tree should be space between 7 to 10 ft apart to ensure they will have enough space to mature.

Leyland Cypress Growth Rate

Leyland cypress trees will thrive in well-drained soil, and do not like a lot of water. This fast-growing privacy tree does best in full sun, and makes a great screen between Neighbors. Not only does it block The View, but can be used as a sound barrier tree.

Leyland Cypress Trees For Sale

We offer specials on Leland’s and both 3 gallon, 7 gallon, 15 gallon and ball and burlap sizes. Ball and burlap means field grown trees harvested and put in a wire basket with burlap wrapping the root system. Ball and burlap trees can get heavy, and will take professional experience to handle properly. B&B trees are the larger sized Leyland Cypress Trees.

Types of Cypress Trees

Leylandii is another name for the Leyland Cypress Trees. Cypress trees are known for their fast growth. Leyland cypress tress are one of the most popular conifer trees that fall into the Cypress Tree Family. These fast growing privacy trees are very hearty and can grow in many different climate zones here in the United States. Many Christmas Tree Farms grow leylands to sell as Christmas Trees. The fast growth rate of the leylandii helps the tree farmers get a fast turnover of trees each season.

Cypress Trees For Sale

Our local Tree Nurseries offer many different varieties of screening trees. Our tree specials change quite often depending on the season, and the availability of inventory. If you are needing a natural privacy screen, or need fast growing privacy trees, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us Today! We are happy to provide information on the different tree sizes and also delivery and Installation Prices.

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