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Little Gem Magnolia

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Much like its much larger counterpart, the Southern Magnolia, Little Gem Magnolias have dark green leaves with a large white flower bloom. The waxy leaves on this iconic landscaping tree gives it quite an appeal. The leaves are dark green with a brown backside. Due to the fact they aren’t as large as regular magnolias, the are a more modest choice for suburban lawns. 

Little Gem Growth Rate

Little gems can be considered a dwarf magnolia tree since they only grow about a quarter of the height of the magnolia grandiflora. With full height of twenty-five to thirty feet tall, they are an excellent choices for residential and commercial landscapes. After installation, you can expect a growth rate of a few feet per year in ideal conditions. Little Gem Magnolias like sunlight, and will do well in well drained soil.

How to Plant Little Gem Magnolia Trees

When you first plant a magnolia tree, be sure that you dig the hole large enough for the roots to expand in the loosened soil. Always amend the soil with a soil conditioner, or some topsoil. Fertilizers are ok to add later once the trees have already established. Always consult with a local arborist before applying any type of chemicals to your landscaping trees. 

Magnolia Trees

Our little gem magnolia tree farm offers many different types of magnolia trees for sale and installation. Brackens Brown Beauty Magnolia, Claudia Wannamaker, and sweetbay magnolias are some of our best sellers. All magnolia trees provide evergreen privacy with their dense dark leaves. Magnolia trees make excellent backdrops in any landscaping. Magnolias are a centerpiece in Southern Charm and Southern Culture.

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Our tree farm can help with delivery and installation of trees. If you are a diy landscape design type person, we have several local farms where you can pick up your trees. All magnolias are sold at wholesale, and the price will vary based on the type and size of tree.


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