Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is commonly known as the leylandii. It is a fast growing coniferous, evergreen tree which is mostly planted primarily for hedges and privacy screens. They have a feathery soft texture, and they grow up to three to five feet annually. Their fast growth enables it to be trimmed and pruned to your desired height and shape. It normally has a soft texture when you touch it. It also stays green throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions.

The Leyland Cypress trees are the most popular privacy trees. The tree is usually used for privacy purposes. Most people with homes plant the tree around their homes, and the Leyland Cypress will grow into a thick shrub to protect your home from prying eyes. You do not have to keep on trimming the Leyland Cypress hedge since it grows uniformly and thickens to create a substantial barrier.

Despite its aesthetic value, it has a very tough interior. The tree has great qualities which ensure its survival in harsh conditions. These are some of the traits of the Leyland Cypress tree:

  1. Fast Growth

It is a fast-growing tree that can reach up to seventy feet tall. It has a dense, narrow, pyramid shape. It has the branching pattern of its parent tree as well as its fast growth.

  1. Hardiness and Culture

The Leyland Cypress is a drought, insect and disease resistant tree. The Leyland can grow in most soil types, but it requires a good drainage so that it can establish its roots deep enough to support its height and get enough water even during the dry season. It requires regular deep watering while young in order to support its fast growth.

Leyland Cypress trees are mostly used as a windbreaker, for screening, and for hedges. It is mostly fancied by homeowners since it thickens and forms hedges quickly enough. If it is not pruned once in a while, it may become too large and bushy to create a beautiful hedge. If you want it to cover all the way to the ground, you have to shear it well enough. The Leyland  cypress Christmas tree is a common phenomenon for most people. Due to its nature, the Leyland is frequently used as a Christmas tree when potted.

The Leyland Cypress grows very quickly, therefore, it cannot be used in urban lots. You also cannot plant other trees close to it since they will be susceptible to diseases, insects and lack of enough sunlight. It grows quickly, and overcrowds. When you fill in trees to closely, it makes them easily susceptible to diseases due to poor circulation and inadequate sunlight.

You can space your Leyland’s at around eight to ten feet apart for a good hedge, or you can space them further apart for a spacious property border. The Leyland is also a good home for birds and small insects. Birds build their nests on the Leyland’s thick foliage. It is the best tree to plant in your home for a serene and natural feeling.¬† This is among the many advantages a Leyland Cypress has.


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