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Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae

Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae Tree Farm

The Green Giant Arborvitae is a fast growing, vigorous, green, lush and bushy tree which grows in uniform height and shape. The Thuja Green Giant is mostly grown as a privacy hedge. You can grow and trim it gradually to your desired height and shape and use it to increase your privacy. This type of evergreen privacy tree grows at around three to five feet per year once you plant it and it has established itself. They are quite an ideal hedge plant since they have dense, green foliage.

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The unique characteristics of the Green Giant Thuja are:

  1. Drought tolerant
  2. Disease and insect resistant
  3. Easy to grow and very adaptable

The unique characteristics it has, gives it a very high rate of survival even in very severe conditions. It also has very admirable attributes which make it a suitable privacy hedge plant.

Green Giant Arborvitae Growth Rate

  • It grows up to three inches every year until it fully matures, its first growth rate makes it suitable to use as a hedge since it can be trimmed to the desired height.
  • Green giants get a dark or bronze shade on the limp tips during the winter.
  • It does not require pruning each and every time since it grows uniformly, but it can be sheared if the need arises.
  • It is disease and insect resistant, therefore, it does not require regular spraying for serious diseases or pest problems.
  • It is good hedge material since it is bushy. It also has tiny glossy green leaves which are firmly packed in overlapping rows.
  • The leaves normally have a pleasing aroma when they are squeezed.
  • It is resistant to wind and also withstands heavy ice, this makes it an excellent choice for a fast growing windbreaker.
  • It grows in a pyramid shape.

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The Thuja Green Giant has great attributes; this makes it’s arborvitae have aesthetic value. It is pleasing to look at, and it makes your home look beautiful. If you want a perfect hedge, you should space them properly. The Thuja Green Giant spacing should be six to eight feet apart so that it can create an impenetrable barrier around your homestead. The Thuja bush will always be soft and thick throughout the year.

For the Thuja Green Giant arborvitae to grow properly, you should avoid poorly drained and wet soiled areas.  As much as it tolerates a broad range of soil textures, it is very salt sensitive, and you should avoid such areas and conditions.

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Apart from its aesthetic value, the Thuja Plicata Green Giant is also a home for birds and small animals. It provides nesting sites and cover for birds. It’s flower buds, seeds, and foliage are also food for some birds and insects. It is a unique plant, and it has many uses, both natural and artificial. As long as it is grown under the right conditions, it does not require a lot of care and work. It is as natural as they come and the best recommended to use as a hedge plant.


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