Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees

Evergreen trees, just as the name suggests, are green throughout the year. They maintain their foliage regardless of the season. Their name indicates that they will keep growing leaves even as the other trees shed theirs. This type of trees are adaptive and endure cold weather and dry seasons. They are perfect to be planted as privacy screens around the homes of people or as wind breakers. They are of different types, from small shrubs to gigantic trees. They typically bring about beauty in your homestead. They also improve the landscape.

Most evergreens do well in partial sunlight. Some of these trees have a higher tolerance of certain factors such as soil type, soil drainage, salt sprays and snowploughs, harsh weather conditions and pests and diseases. They usually do not require a lot of maintenance; you simply have to plant them and let them be. They just need minor pruning and a little bit of fertilization. Some of these evergreen trees will shed their spiky leaves and seeds at certain times of the year.

There are different types of evergreen trees. I will give a few examples and their characters;

  1. Cypress Trees

They are best recognized by their pyramidal shaped small, rounded, woody cones, shoots and scale-like leaves. They can reach up to 60 feet when they mature. They should be planted ten to twelve feet apart from each other, but for hedge purposes then it should be 6 – 10 ft apart.

  1. Spruce trees

They are pyramidal shaped trees which are commonly known for their stylish cone-like form and whorled branches. It normally has needles which are attached to its branches, and they are usually in a spiral formation

  1. Cryptomeria trees

The Cryptomeria Japonica is commonly known as the Japanese cedar or simply the Cryptomeria. It is a slender, pyramid shaped, coniferous, and evergreen, with horizontal branching tree. It grows mostly in the Japanese and China forest as a single trumped tree. It can grow up to a hundred and fifty feet tall. In Japan it represents a holistic symbol, it is grown in temples and shrines. In other places where it is grown, it grows up to fifty feet tall. It is much smaller than its counterparts in the Asian country of origin. It has a densely packed emerald green foliage that is soft and more of the wispy side rather than most trees of the coniferous family which typically have spiked and stiff flora. You can plant the Cryptomeria tree near a deck or patio, and it will have a flowing foliage. It has a beautiful ripple effect when the wind blows against it.

  1. Palm trees

They are a beautiful and unbranched type of evergreens which have feather-like leaves. They are best known for their flowers which normally are star-shaped. They are not as fast growing, but they do grow up to a height of about 20-30 feet.

  1. Thuja trees

The Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae is mostly grown as a privacy hedge. You can grow and trim it gradually to your desired height and shape and use it to increase your privacy. The tree grows at around three to five feet every year once you plant it and it has established itself. They are quite an ideal plant since they have very admirable and astounding characters, these unique characteristics of the Green Giant Thuja are;

  1. Drought tolerant.
  2. Disease and insect resistant.
  3. Easy to grow and very adaptable

Other Evergreen Tree varieties are Magnolias, Emerald Green Arborvitae, Zelkova,  and Deodar Cedar.

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